Planning for Loved Ones with Special Needs


Overcoming the unique challenges of your handicapped family member is demanding enough without having to worry about their financial future.


We here at American Premier Financial Group can help you take on the sometimes daunting financial difficulties providing for your handicapped family member may present by offering valuable services and insight on topics such as:

  • Supplemental Needs Trusts:  This is a method of protecting assets for the benefit of a disabled or incapacitated family member without the loss of eligibility for government assistance.
  • Third Party Supplemental Needs Trust:  Protects assets transferred into the trust from the repayment of government benefits paid on behalf of a person with a severe and chronic or persistent disability.
  • Irrevocable Asset Management Trust:  Creates an income stream for use by aging grantors while relieving them of the burden of prudent management.
  • Setting Up a Living Trust:  Creates a safeguard against the use, application and distribution of your accumulated wealth in a manner contrary to your wishes.  You maintain control and only you decide who will take control should you become unable to continue on your own behalf.
  • Life Insurance Trust:  Commonly referred to as an ILIT, this is a method of gifting into a trust that in turn purchases a life insurance contract.  Upon death of the insured, the assets can reach the intended family members without incurring federal estate taxes.  Typically the donor chooses a trustee to oversee the assets and distributions from the trust.

Bottom Line:  Do not neglect the potential estate tax advantages of gifting assets into different types of trusts.  Proper planning now can have a tremendous impact on your family down the road, especially if you have family members who need a specific program of assistance both now and into the future.