Ronald F. Bergmann

Ronald F. Bergmann


      As a Registered Investment Advisor Representative with American Portfolios Advisors Inc., Ron Bergmann has been in the financial services industry since 1980 and has earned his Masters Degrees in both Economics and English from Queens College.

      As an investment professional, Ron has provided guidance and financial advice for over 35 years, and currently manages in excess of 225 million dollars of client assets.  His ability to analyze his clients' needs and develop comprehensive strategies to help them achieve their financial goals has become a trademark of his success. 

      As Founder of American Premier Financial Group, I believe that a client's financial success is based upon a solid relationship and not just a rate of return.  It is my belief that asking questions is not enough.  Understanding a client's true risk tolerance is the key to their financial well-being.  A "well balanced portfolio" is more important than good stock picking.  After all, if the asset allocation is properly diversified, investors are more likely to stay invested, and as a result, have the potential to not miss positive market returns.

      As a seasoned professional, my goal is to never stop the learning process.  In order for the plan to succeed, my clients and I need to establish a reasonable level of expectation.  Helping them navigate the pitfalls of investing is challenging but never easy.  I am proud to say that my clients and I share a mutual respect for one another.  By forming a strong partnership, we can build a dynamic financial future together; one that builds wealth for today, but can also be managed in order to pass on wealth for generations to come.

Although I have a degree in Finance, my clients feel it is my degree in English that makes the difference because it allows me to communicate my ideas in a clear and succinct manner.

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